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Holistic Services


This is a great vibrational re-integration session that will restore in your body as well as in the subtle structure of your being, the connection with the rays of light and harmonious emanations of the sun and mother nature, and the divine energies. This unique method will tune you into your own vibrational identity, eliminating all kinds of dissonances on all levels while expanding your radiance and light and bringing you a great sense of release and peace.  Chakra Balancing has a deep and long-lasting effect on your physical, mental and spiritual field.  Balancing and tuning your chakras with this method will allow you to recover your own natural state of homeostasis and harmony while releasing you from various levels of dissonance that make your daily life difficult.  ​

Forest Trees
Blue Skies


This is a great ancient modality very popularized in our modern culture as a way to release, connect, retune, and relax. We offer a range of modalities such as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Swedish, Prenatal, and Ayurvedic Massage to help our clients feel their best and integrate mind spirit and body. Our therapist takes a holistic approach and uses organic products, as well as a western meets eastern philosophy of the body.

"We are never the same! 

Every thought we conceive, every action we generate, every breath we release, which is essentially dynamic life force, is merging us with the extraordinary movement of the Cosmos. 


Due to that constant interaction, the Infinite Power is changing us in a very intense process. 

​To the same extent that our intentions and actions affect all of Creation, the Power of Creation affects us deeply. 


That is why the entire Universe will always 

be orchestrating for us exactly what we have projected into it, 

until the mastery of the soul and superconsciousness be regained."

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